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WELCOME to the New Petunia Platform website!
Some History....
        The original Petunia Platform website was created and maintained for almost a decade by Tom Gerats (and co-worker Wim Reijnen) at the Radboud University Nijmegen, as one of the initiatives he took to connect Petunia researchers all over the world and to convince scientists of the benefits of working with Petunia as a plant model. With the old Petunia Platform website going off-line with Tom’s retirement, the completely renewed petunia platform website continues in the same spirit to provide useful introductory information on Petunia as a research model, and to facilitate contact with members of the Petunia research community.  


Webdesign, building & Maintenance: Michiel Vandenbussche , CNRS

Technical support: Jeremy Just & Emmanuel Quemener

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Left: 3D animation of a petunia W138 inflorescence.

Credits Fanny Traas & Priscilla Schnur, École ARIES Lyon

Right Panels: variety of petunia floral mutants (Credit: Michiel Vandenbussche).

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This website is the official outlet for The Petunia Platform and as such controlled by the board members of the platform. The website is based at the ENS de LYON (Ecole Normale Superieure), LYON, France. Every person or group, at least interested in, but preferably performing active research on Petunia, can become an active participant of The Petunia Platform. Participants of The Petunia Platform exert their privileges by participating in the World Petunia Days. They will promote cooperation in the form of exchange of materials, techniques, idea's and, where and when appropriate and possible, of persons, within and outside The Petunia Platform. Participants will follow the accepted practices of scientific research. They will make materials and information available upon request and they will duly and honestly inform each other of progress made, especially when and if this is, in total or in part, attributable to the materials and/or information obtained. Interested parties can enroll as a participant by submitting a completed registration form to the contact of The Petunia Platform, who, in case of questions or doubts will contact the submitting person or, in case of remaining doubt, will consult all board members. Inclusion in this website will take place after the entry is acknowledged.Home_files/Petunia%20Platform%20member%20REGISTRATION%20FORM.docshapeimage_5_link_0
The Petunia Platform promotes the main object of research of its participating members, Petunia, and in a broader sense research on Solanaceous species.


Milan, ITALY, 4-7th of sep 2019

(exact date to be confirmed)

organized by

Aureliano Bombarely & Silvia Manrique

Department of Biosciences, University of Milan

(more details in spring 2019)

The Petunia axillaris & Petunia inflata genome sequences released: 

A milestone for Petunia research has been achieved with the public release of the genome sequences of P. axillaris and P. inflata, two parental species that largely contributed the modern Petunia hybrida cultivars. Resulting from the joint efforts of members of the Petunia platform community, these genome sequences now strongly facilitate Petunia research & breeding. 

Publication: Bombarely et al. (2016). Insight into the evolution of the Solanaceae from the parental genomes of Petunia hybrida. Nature Plants 2, 16074. (open access).
Petunia Genome Browsers & BLAST  (SGN):
The Petunia Platform Board
The groupleader of each participating group becomes automatically a member of the board. He or she can propose a substitute. Decisions are taken preferably unanimously. In case of remaining disagreement, decisions are taken by simple majority - half of the casted votes plus one. Every board member has a single vote. 

Correspondence should be directed to Michiel Vandenbussche   Email : petuniaplatform[@]    (remove brackets around @) 
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